How You Can Get Massive Discounts on Music Festival Tickets

Searching for cheap music festival tickets in order to see some of your favorite DJ’s, such as Marshmello or Skrillex, can be quite impossible for most people to undertake.

Which is why we’ve decided to make this guide filled with secret tips and handy advice that will help you uncover a great deal on your coveted tickets. For eager music festival fans, knowing when and where to look for some of the cheapest ticket deals will save you tons of time, energy and funding in the long run. Read on to see some simple yet highly effective ways to gain entrance to your favorite music festival without having to pay too much.

For eager music festival fans, knowing when and where to look for some of the cheapest ticket deals will save you tons of time, energy and funding in the long run. Read on to see some simple yet highly effective ways to gain entrance to your favorite music festival without having to pay too much.

Purchase Directly from the Venue

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In most cases, it's completely possible to skip the service charge from ticket selling sites by simply going directly to the venue and purchasing the tickets from there. Most larger music festivals tend to have their own box offices where you can easily purchase the tickets directly. However, keep in mind that this isn’t always the case, but if this option is available to you, then it's a fantastic way of avoiding the ridiculous service charges that come when you purchase the tickets online.

Most of the time if you subscribe to a venue's email list, they will notify you as soon as there's an early bird sale or giveaway. Make sure you check your email and prepare for those.

Avoid Purchasing tickets for the first night

Not everyone who goes to a music festival purchases tickets for the entire duration of said festival. Some people simply like going during the first day, since that’s when most of the top Dj’s tend to play as the opening act. While it's exciting to be there during the first day of a festival, it can be even more expensive to get your hands on those type of tickets.

Sometimes making a sacrifice and purchasing a ticket for another day would be much more advisable. Just make sure to pick a day that has cheapest tickets, you might not be able to see the opening act, but at least you can still go to the festival all while saving up loads of cash.


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Another interesting way to get a massive discount is too look for individuals who might be selling tickets. As the date for the music festival starts approaching, look on Craigslist for people selling tickets. Music Festival tickets are no different than anything else on Craigslist, so make sure you're not getting tricked when buying the tickets. If those tickets cost $20 when they cost a lot more on other ticket sites, then it mostly likely a complete trick. It can be difficult to tell fakes from the legit on craigslist, so make sure you purchase the physical tickets and not electronic ones. It’s easier for scammers to get away with reselling digital ticket than physical ones.


Music Festival tickets can be incredibly expensive most of the time when they first go up on sale. If you’re planning to purchase tickets for a major music festival event, wait until the event is closer and watch for second-hand ticket sellers.

These tickets frequently enough drop their prices in a large amount. If the music festival is much smaller compared to other festival events, the tickets will see a large rise in prices, so these should be purchased much earlier on. And remember since music festival lasts for a couple of days, and single entry tickets are an available option, purchasing those tickets will be much more inexpensive.

Sign up for newsletter and mailing lists

Signing up for newsletters and mailing lists are a great way to save on music festival tickets. They ensure that you’re the first person to know when it's time to purchase them. Here are some  are some ticket vendors who have newsletters you can sign up to in order to find out when pre and on sale tickets are released

  • Ticketmaster
  • 365tickets
  • GetMeIn
  • See Tickets
  • Ticketline

Another option is to join up with fan mailing lists, which often offer some exclusive priority deals and offer them towards all members on the list.

Facebook groups

This is an underused one, but there are so many Facebook groups where people are selling their tickets for a mass discount, especially when it comes close to the event start date. A lot of people end up with last minute emergencies or bought the ticket but cannot attend and they'll be more than happy to sell it to you for a lot cheaper.

The best way to find these would be to search for "rave ticket exchange" or the name of the music festival + ticket exchange. 

Contest and Giveaways

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Sometimes listening to your local radio station may offer ticket giveaways to callers. Call in as many times as possible when you in so your chances of being a lucky winner increases. If the option is available, entering by texting a word or number to the radio station may also be possible, just make sure you listen closely to their instructions. Another viable option is to look for contest and giveaways on social media sites of various radio station, music festivals, or even some of the artist themselves.

Follow any rules they’ve placed on their social media post in order to get your chance in winning said tickets yourself.

For example, we gave away 2 tickets to our newsletter list a few weeks ago and we'll looking to give more away in the near future. Just subscribe to our newsletter by clicking on "Get free discount" on the top right of your screen.

Here you have it, these options might not be a 100% guarantee but they may still prove useful for the next time you decide to go to the next big music festival event. Just remember that while it may seem impossible, it is possible to get tickets at a cheaper option.

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