How You Can Prepare For Any Music Festival On A Budget

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How You Can Prepare For Any Music Festival On A Budget

Attending a music festival could be one of the best decisions that you make in your life. It's a place where you can feel positive and feel stress-free. The only problem is that music festivals aren't exactly friendly to your wallet. Ticket prices are soaring and even the "early bird" tickets are quite expensive.

Let's take a look at some of the current ticket prices of music festivals:

- EDC ($700) for VIP

- Ultra ($350) for 3 days

The ticket combined with your hotel/travel cost and rave gears will put a dent in your wallet...

Nevertheless, we shouldn't avoid going to music festivals just because it might damage our wallets. You probably also don't want to bail out on your friends that are going to be attending that rave/music festival.

In this guide, I'll go over exactly how you can prepare for any music festival even if you are on a budget.

Don't purchase expensive rave gears, accessories, and apparels

Ticket prices are expensive enough, you shouldn't be spending too much on rave gears. I have friends that blow over $1000 in rave apparels just to look nice for the music festival. It's true that a good outfit is necessary, but you don't have to blow a lot of money into it.

Wear what is comfortable and make sure what you wear matches the weather. 

For example, you can have your entire rave set with just the following items:

Dreamer Tanktop ($17) - You don't need to overspend on expensive tank tops, you can easily purchase one from our on sale tank tops that are all under $20 and they're hand-designed by our top notch designers. 


50 piece glow stick package ($13) - With this 50 piece glow stick package, you can last the entire night and dance away. You can turn these glow sticks into bracelets and you can use them as LED glow sticks or shoelaces. 50 piece is more than enough!

Origami Bandana ($8) - This multi-functioning mask can also be worn as a beanie, headband, neck scarf, wristband, hair tie and more! 

Hipster Rave Shorts ($18) - You can easily blow $50 on designer shorts, but these pair of shorts are well designed and only cost $18. Budget friendly.

Twilight Rave Drawstring Bag ($12) - You're going to be dancing all night long, but you still want to carry your valuables with you at all times. This is why it is crucial to stay light-weight and this drawstring bag will help you with that. It has pockets inside to ensure that you can put your phone and keys. 


Blue LED Lit up Glasses ($12) - I love these. Charge it once and it can go on the entire night without charging again. Perfect to stand out of any music festival.

There! You have a whole set worth of clothing for less than $50. You can purchase some additional t-shirts, shorts, some comfortable shoes and you're good to go. You won't spend more than $50 on packing for your music festival.

Raverster Jersey ($26) - People love baseball jerseys. Why? Because it's relaxed and seriously they work for every season. Most baseball jerseys are well printed, can be collectibles, and come in high-quality. This is one of our most favorite jerseys.

Distortion Push Top ($15) - Ladies tend to throw too much money away on different rave outfits that cost over $100 per piece. That's a quick way to use your entire budget. Get something simple, well-designed, and comfortable like this distortion push top for less than $15.

LED Snapbacks ($13)

Most of us know that retailer hats can easily cost $50 bucks. Look at all those baseball caps in the shopping mall. We don't need to spend that much money on a hat. All of our snapbacks are under $18, and these LED snapbacks just stand out of the crowd. Perfect for any rave or music festival.

Stash Boxers ($12) 

This is for the males out there that need a boxer with a secret pocket. You can place your stash, cash, ID, valuables all in this secret pocket and not have to worry too much about losing it. Safe and secure. Affordable and comfortable.

Embrace Flip Flops ($17)

Flip flops work for the beach and at music festivals. You want a pair of flip flops that's easy to carry around, lightweight, comfortable, and well-designed. This one is affordable and perfect for that.

Book your flight ahead of time

Don't do any last minute bookings. That will ruin everything. Prices are always higher last minute for big events like a music festival. 

Here are some tips for booking your tickets and traveling cheaply:

  • No matter what time of year you’re flying, never book on a Friday. Do it on this day instead.
  • If you’re renting a car to get to the festival, make sure you try to book everything in an entire package along with your flight as that is always cheaper.
  • Use Kayak or Priceline if you have to book last minute.

Stay at an Airbnb

Most hotels will cost a lot due to the incoming traffic of people going to the music festival. To make sure that you don't overspend, you should stay at an Airbnb. Don't rent the entire place for yourself, instead get a shared room to save even more. 

Most festivals have on-site camping but you’ll be expected to bring your own tents and supplies. Find out ahead of time how much camping passes cost and what items are permitted so you know in advance if you can bring things like your own firewood and portable stove. Grill those BBQ! 

Bring your own food if possible

Remember that drawstring carry on bag that we mentioned above in this post? This is where things can come in handy. One thing you will need more sure is water. You want to stay hydrated throughout the event. If you're someone that sweats a lot, consider getting a hydration backpack

In addition to water, you should have some snacks with you. The best way to do this is to go on a grocery shopping spree as soon as you land. You don't need to go to a big grocery outlet. Anything like Walgreens or Safeway will do.

Preparing your own food will not only save you money, but it'll save you time so you can enjoy the music festival.

Advice from frequent ravers

Let's hear from the audience of frequent ravers on their tips for preparing for a music festival on a budget.

Plan meals with your group and all pitch in on ingredients and labor. We made stir fry, bacon grilled cheese, and a huge breakfast everyday. We didn’t spend much in food inside the fest, and spent maybe $80-100 per couple on the groceries,” said Alex Gallo, 23, of Woodstock, Georgia.

Jeremy V., 37, also of Orlando, recommends, “Make things and be creative with each festival. I always hand make things as a side hustle, so that I can use for trades or cash. I leave festivals with money made.”

Shop affordable glasses

One of the biggest mistake that new ravers and music festival attendees make is spending over $200 on a pair of sunglasses with top brands like wayfarers. This is what one of our customers Sarah recommends,

"When it comes to packing for raves and music festivals, just buy a few pair of cheap sunglasses that you can fit in your travel bag. I've made the mistake of spending $250 on a pair of top-notch sunglasses and then losing it at a music festival. I was so sad for a few days.

For Ultra Music Festival, I spend another $100 on another pair of expensive sunglasses and I end up breaking them. Never again...

Now I just buy a few pair of affordable wayfarers from RaverGearZ's glasses selection and I'm happy :)"

My personal favorite and one of our hottest selling item is our signature KALEIDOSCOPE SUNGLASSES. Highly affordable and stunning. 




Well, there you have it! It doesn't need to cost a lot to attend a music festival as long as you make wise choices. No matter where you live in the world, you can blow away money or spend things wisely and get the most out of your trip! I hope this helped everyone!

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Enjoy your next music festival/rave! I would love to hear your EDM/Music Festival/Rave saving tips as well!

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