Is Wearing Flip Flops/Sandals Okay at a Music Festival?

Most people have a love/relationship with flip flops, while most love their comfort, they tend to hate their lack of versatility. Anyone would be happy enough to wear flip flops at the beach or by the pool, but what about wearing them to one of your favorite music festivals? If you’re one of those people who wants to wear their flip flops or sandal but aren’t sure if it's a good idea to do so. Here we will discuss both the pros and cons of wearing sandals and flip flops at your next upcoming music festivals.

If you’re one of those people who wants to wear their flip flops or sandal but aren’t sure if it's a good idea to do so. Here we will discuss both the pros and cons of wearing sandals and flip flops at your next upcoming music festivals.

Environment and Terrain.

When going to a music festival, keep in mind in the kind of environment you’ll be spending the rest of the day in. Some places can have incredibly rocky terrain, making it more difficult for more people to talk through, especially if they’re not used to such kind of places. The surrounding area can cause damage to your feet, do to how little is covered by most sandals and flip flops. Even if you put on a pair of socks on, their still the chance of wear and tear from appearing, and no one wants to walk around in socks mostly likely to be covered in dirt while wearing flip flops.

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Here’s a quote from someone with some experience in these matters:

“Grass is awesome beneath bare feet. i wear flip flops on way in; in restrooms or gravel areas. maybe uncomfortable but if you're looking for comfort, this is best. get a locker for shoes if you don't want to miss any major fest time cause you never know how far back that campsite is until you gotta leave to change your stuff.”- carolinesgood

Places with much more flatter surfaces will most likely be covered in grass. Grass can be a huge problem as well since they will scrape along your skin as you walk through it, especially if the grass is thick and hasn’t been cut in quite a long while. Music Festivals held in beach areas might be ideal for most people who wish to wear flip flops and sandals since that’s where they shine the best. Not only will fit right in, but it makes it much easier to deal with the surrounding sand.

Hygiene and Trash

While flip flop and sandals can be quite comfortable to wear, they can lead towards certain hygienic problems, mostly due to a number of people gathering at the music festival. Trash can be a huge problem in these places, especially during the night when most people can get away with tossing trash into the ground. There a large chance you step on some kind of filth such as leftover food or even bottles containing all sorts liquids, some of them might not even be water. Going to the portable potty can also be another hygienic nightmare, after all, you're going into a small cumbersome room filled with other people's bodily waste. Some people don’t know how to aim properly and might have made a complete mess all over the floors, meaning theirs a high chance of getting some unwanted and filthy germs on your feet.

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Here’s a quote by a music festival fan and what they do during these kind of moment:

“Make sure whatever shoes you wear are broken in, last year I got two blood blisters on Thursday night/early Friday. I had to go barefoot the rest of coachella, on the bright side I know that I'll be barefoot the whole time this year. I keep authentics in the locker just for the port-a-potty. I'm not sure flip flops are much better than barefoot in the venue port-a-potty's late at night.” - jefferie

Day and Night.

As you can see, wearing sandals can have their ups and downs, some places are a better fit to wear than others. Even so, it seems that the best possible time to wear sandals or flip flops is during the day time. It’s not only much easier to view the ground and avoiding any nasty surprises, but help deal with the intense sun rays associated with summer music festivals.

Night time becomes, even more, tricker for anyone wearing sandals or flip flops. As mentioned before, you’ll have to worry about stepping in all sorts of trash and other unmentionable filth. It’s much more difficult to avoid said filth due to how hard it gets at night with the only light source being the moon and the occasional flash of lights from the intense light show most likely happening. Another problem has to do with the people attending the music festival. With the surrounding area shrouded in darkness, people will have a difficult time navigating around, leading towards them accidentally stepping on other people's feet. This can be a painful problem if you're wearing either flip flops or sandals, and if their wearing something with heals or are just press down on a certain spot (such as just a single toe) it could lead to some serious medical problem.

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The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to rent a locker and bring an extra pair of shoes to wear during the night. As mentioned by this experienced individual who seems to have gone through similar problems.

“I rent a locker to keep my converse (and other items for the weekend) in for at night time and wear flip flops most of the day. If you get "Happy Feet inserts" you will have excellent arch support in the converse!” - Lynn163

What to look for when buying flip flops for music festivals?

There are a few things that is a must have for sandals and flip flops for music festivals.

1. Well designed - Too many of the flip flops out there are too generic. They're made with plain colors, but when it comes to attending music festivals, we want something that looks good. A good design goes a long way!

2. Comfortable - Most cheap flip flops are made with plastic materials that will scrape and injure your foot. We don't want that, especially for festivals that last multiple days. We want flip flops that are comfortable, so the material being used is important.

3. Affordable - You don't need to throw $300 on a pair of flip flops. You can find affordable ones that are comfortable and well designed.

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Either way, it's possible to wear flip flops and sandals to your heart's content, just make sure to have an extra pair of footwear in case wearing it becomes too much. Or simply have them around to switch at night and during bathroom breaks. Just make sure they are comfortable and won’t lead towards any blistering problems, that’s an awful way to ruin an entire day of music festival fun.


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