Top 10 Upcoming Dj's In The EDM Scene

Top 10 Upcoming Dj's In The EDM Scene

2016 was a pretty great year for electronic dance music. Future bass began to spread over the music scene, trap continued to keep a hold on its crown, and dubstep tried to make a comeback.

While 2016 was very interesting for music, 2017 seems to be shining much brighter on the music scene, with a crop of new uprising DJs popping up. While most of these artists might not be big enough to have been heard by everyone around the globe, they definitely have the potential of crashing the EDM scene if they continue to release some amazing tunes. Here a list of some upcoming DJs we’ve discovered to be potential stars in the future.

Here a list of some upcoming DJs we’ve discovered to be potential stars in the future.

Guy Gerber

Guy Gerber is an Israeli Producer and DJ that’s been causing quite the splash in recent years. This artist has toured the world and played countless sets of his RUMORS tour with other known DJs such as Lee Burridge throughout Miami’s Art Basel, London’s KOKO club, And Flash Factory in New York. With his incredibly impressive repertoire of original music and DJ sets, Guy Gerber is sure to become a successful hit with all EDM lovers.


Naderi caused a huge splash during 2016. From remixing ZHU and Skrillex’s “They” to taking on Flume’s “Lose It” ft. Vic Mensa, Naderi dropped some heavy chains of future bass that’s left many of his freshly arrived fans anticipating for even more. With a great amount of original music coming in the near future and a few collaborations in the current works, 2017 seems to be shining bright for Naderi’s banging tunes.

Honey Dijon

Honey Dijon is one incredible DJ from Chicago that should be listened by all. Her Signature tunes can be heard all over SoundCloud and similar medias alike. Even so, her real strength shines the best during a live performance. Honey Dijon’s music combines a healthy dose of Chicago bump with some of the more low-key classical New York sounds and various dashes of European Influences. In fact, Honey tends to split some of her time traveling between New York and Berlin.


K?D practically exploded into the scene in 2016. Not only was he constantly streaming some amazingly, original content, but he released tons of hot remixes as well. His incredible flair for dynamic synth work and capability to develop atmospheric music has gained him quite the loyal fan base and his set at Brownies and Lemonade fanned the flames for even more live shows. Everyone should expect even more amazing music from K?d, hopefully with even more live shows during 2017.

Fort Romeau

London-based DJ Fort Romeau isn’t the most well-known household name for the EDM industry yet, but this artist has certainly managed to develop quite the unique sound that reaches levels never before seen. From his minimal to house bumping tunes, to his outstanding live sets, this DJ successfully displays a wide range of talent that will definitely be a big hit this coming year.


KRNE had himself a very interesting year in 2016 and I believe it will continue for 2017. No only was he a part of the Gud Vibrations tour with Slander and NGHTMRE but he’s released some fantastic music as well. His productions skills are astronomical and the live sets hit all the proper trap highs with enough bass to make your body shakes its groove. With his collaboration project SESSIONS rapidly gaining hype and a new track being released with artist like Ekali sometime in the near future, 2017 seems to be a positive year for KRNE.

Nic Fanciulli

Nic Fanciulli is a name that been making quite the rounds recently, with his name being plaster in a lot of lineups. Along with his impressive list of lineups, he also has quite a few music projects going on. From successfully establishing his very own record label, Saved Records, one of the UK’s largest dance labels to being featured alongside such greats as Sasha and Guy Gerber at We Are The Night, to memorable remixes such as his own take on Jamie xx’s “SeeSaw”, this Dj is doing just fine. Nic has become one of the biggest names in the EDM industry and 2017 seems to be a great year for him.


SteLouse bloomed quite incredibly in 2016. The co-founder of Hebinomichi released quite the impressive set of original content, giving his fans what they’ve always wanted with his collaboration with DEVAULT, debuted a brand new live set and released one of the best remixes for Rozes this year. With his incredible finale at the SnowGlobe Music Festival, SteLouse plans to release his highly anticipated album sometime during the spring of 2017. So keep an eye out!

Andrea Oliva

This Swiss artist has been having quite the successful time as of recently, with having played impressive spots at some of the well-known festivals such as Coachella, Tomorrowland, Extrema Festivals, and Creamfields. This Italian-Swiss talent has been working himself to the bone to follow up his first album with even more awesome music, and he’s sure to deliver an electrifying experience during 2017.


DEVAULT is someone everyone should keep an eye out for. This past year he’s released some incredible chain of music, ranging from a combination of trap to future bangers and so far, he’s shown no sign of stopping this incredible onslaught of music. With a promise of release even more new music and performing more live shows, 2017 is going to be quite the epic year for DEVAULT to shake the EDM scene on a worldwide scale.

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