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What are Stash Boxers and The Benefits Behind them

Music Festivals are some of the best places to dance your worries away while listening to some amazing techno beats.

While getting tickets and gearing up might seem like a hassle, the real problem begins during the entrance of said music festivals.

Most places have incredibly strict security in place and will take any sort of contraband they deem illegally or even mildly suspicious. It can be so bad, that they could take away your chapstick away for as a questionable, trust me it might sound ridiculous but I've seen it happen to plenty of people before, even experience getting harmless items taken away.

Of course, the security behind this is completely understandable, after all, most people tend to bring in all sorts of drugs during music festivals. So the rampant increase in security makes sense especially since no matter how well they check people over they still somehow manage to succeed in getting drugs and other questionable items inside.

Even so, I'm sure you're one of those people that wish to bring stuff in but are aware that getting it through security might be a huge hassle. Luckily for you, there have been some crazy people have developed something called the Stash Boxer that allowed them to sneak in all sorts of thing. This article will tackle what a stash boxer is and how it can benefit you.

What is a Stash Boxer?

Green RaverGearZ Stash Boxers

The concept behind the stash boxer is quite simple really, underwear with a special pocket normally placed in the front area, similar to those on a pair of pants or shorts.

Stash boxers can be used for all sorts of nifty things, for example, if your simply hanging around in your own home or room and only dressed in your boxers, then trying to carrying something such as your phone can be somewhat of problem, especially if you need to have your hands free at the moment. Stash boxers can help with that by providing a great place to stash said phone into it without having to worry about leaving it behind.

During an upcoming music festival, stash boxers can be used as another great source of pockets to hold or keep valuables such as wallet, phone, and so on.

Some folks tend to use it for a much more questionable reason, such as bringing a flask filled with their favorite alcohol or some other questionable items as well. These briefs are really amazing for anyone who needs extra pockets or a much more secure pocket in case of mugging attempts.

After all what kind of mugger would check your underwear for your wallet.

So far there are quite a few brands out there selling their own kind of stash boxers, although none of the huge well-known brands have gotten in on the action, mostly some low key ones and a few Kickstarter that have appeared over the years.

The Benefits of Stash Boxers

Green RaverGearZ Stash Boxers

As Mentioned before these pair of underwears are ideal for carrying all sorts of stuff, as long as they can fit in the pocket anyway. Carry important valuables such as wallet, ID, extra cash, credit cards and so on will be helpful in the long run. Especially for those much crazier nights when you're planning to get hammered and end up waking up in an unknown location.

If a night of craze ends up with you losing your phone and other valuables, at least you’ll have those extra set of cast or credits hidden in the stash boxer.

Having these worn at a music festival can be immensely beneficial with how crazy the dancing can be, especially during the night time, losing items can be quite easy. Some people might even get gutsy and try to steal your valuables while your attention is solely focused on the set or the amazing light show blasting in the night. Even If you don’t use this amazing invention for music festivals, they still make a great addition for travelers visiting other countries and want to have a little bit of extra safety, in case someone comes into your hotel room while you're out.

Green RavergearZ Stash Boxer

Green RaverGearZ Stash Boxers

If you're interested in purchasing your very own stash boxer then why not give our Green RavergearZ Stash Boxer a try!

These pair of stash boxers come equipped with a hidden pocket that can easily help you stash some extra cash and other important items. They were made to be extremely comfortable and created with high-quality fabric so that you can feel comfortable wearing these all day long. Not only are they 100% washable but were made to easily fit on any body type as well.

In the end, it's up to decide on getting your hand on one of these wondrous inventions. Regardless of how you decide to use those extra set of pockets, just make sure to be careful what you put in there, after all, you'll be wearing them under your pants and you don't want bulky items to chafe or become obvious to others.

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